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A Great Master's 
brushstrokes, texture, color, emotion and creative genius often entomb a preparatory underdrawing or work of art that until now, was relegated to darkness. 
SD Gallery is committed to unveil these Great Works.




SD Gallery will embark on an archeological exploration of iconic works of art. The mission: partner with select museums globally on a first-of-its kind art exhibition, showcasing underdrawings, latent art that has lived hidden behind the shadow of art works done by some of the Great Masters. 


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"Heretofore underdrawings, the foundational art of great artists, has only been exposed to and examined by galleries and academicians. 

Such discoveries release moments of inspiration, excitement, hesitation, or struggle as artists made their ideas, sensations, and emotions visible, bringing their work ever closer to the perfection of form and expression they sought". 

                                                                       MarkTucker,                                                  Director of Conservation,

                                             Philadelphia Museum of Art

  Albrecht Dürer," Salvator Mundi" 
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