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as Generative Art
Ambrosius Bosschaert
"Bouquet of     Flowers in a Glass   Vase"

Oil on copper,
National Gallery of Art, Washington, Patrons' Permanent Fund and New Century Fund, 1996


To the astonishment of the art community, generative artists have ignited a segment of the art world with an imagined art form generated through the use of binary code.


Although considered new and revolutionary their forerunner, conservators worldwide, were using binary code, coupled with infrared technology years earlier, to articulate and expose brushstrokes, texture, color, emotion, and creative genius imagined centuries earlier by some of the world's great masters.


Through this use of computer-based technology these elements of artistic genius, visualized and identified as underdrawings, are a yet realized asset class of museum quality.


Our mission is to place underdrawings at the forefront, capturing the imagination of the broad audience of art enthusiasts and the curiosity of the uninitiated.  Our objective is to afford museums an opportunity to capitalize on their long-overlooked conservatory work.


Through the use of technology, the revelatory presentation of art that follows will expose an artist's moments of inspiration, excitement, hesitation, struggle and yes, genius. 

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