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"Shedding Darkness"

a touring art exhibition
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Hover your cursor over the painting to expose the veiled Underdrawing.
Paul Cézanne painting "Still Life with Bread and Eggs"

SD Gallery is embarking on the production of a touring exhibition showcasing works done by some of the great masters, together with their underdrawings. These underdrawings are singularly unique in that have never been exposed to the public at large.

To ensure the project’s comprehensive success, SD Gallery is pursuing partnerships with participating museums.

  1. Produce a viewing experience that creates an aha! moment through the illumination of a dynamic coupling of the masterwork and its underdrawing.
  2. Achieve an outcome that attracts both a broad audience of art enthusiasts and the curiosity of the uninitiated.
  3.  Execute an exhibition that will resonate throughout the art world, as it sparks a renaissance for 18th, 19th, and early 20th-century art.
  4. Assemble an event that will mark the beginning of a new trend in stunning profitable museum retrospectives.
  1. Normally, art that is showcased is presented and the viewer is expected to engage. Conversely, we will position this art to instead engage the viewer. This will occur by framing and presenting the art in a digital format driven by LG technology, allowing the masterwork and its underdrawing to be stacked one over the other, empowering the viewer to toggle between the underdrawing and the corresponding masterwork, at will.
       To experience this phenomenon as you move through the gallery of  art                     enclosed in this site, hover your cursor over a painting to expose the veiled                 poignant underdrawing.​

  1. To introduce underdrawings as a new asset class that can be monetized by museums and private collectors, without compromising the integrity or value of the primary work of art. 
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